The life of Yuli, a hatian woman living in the Dominican Republic for more than 35 years, it´s been a permanent fight to rise up her children with dignity, dealing with the precarious immigration status which she has lived with. The child who caused Yuli to cross the border in the beginning of the 80’s is back and he finds his mother after all this time is still trying to fix her situation by the regularization plan that the Dominican government has launched. But, what really makes us belong to a place? How the links between the land and its people are made?



"I wanted this documentary to be optimistic, for it to do its part in solidifying relationships between the two worlds that inhabit this small island. Also, to show how these communities, so confronted by history and tradition, are filled with care and harmony. I wish to personify the ongoing debate of Haitian immigration in the Dominican Republic, to give the human faces and names. I want to remind us twhat we have in common is very big, and what is different between us is very interesting."



Director : Jean Jean

Script & Production : Jean Jean & Rocío Barba

Edition : Marcos Caraballo

Cinematography : Leo Pérez

Prologue's cinematography : Quetzalli Malagón

Sound : Ariel A. Sosa & Franklin Figueroa

Color correction: Adrian Pucheu

Production: Soup Joumou Films

Associated Production : ColorLAB Films

Music : Boukman Eksperyans


Original title : Si Bondye vle, Yuli

English title: Si Dios quiere, Yuli


Year : 2015

Length : 70 min

Shooting Format : HD

Screening format : Blu-Ray

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Sound: Stereo


Countries: Haiti & Dominican Republic

Language: VO spanish & creole / Subtitles: english, french, spanish


BEST FEATURE FILM - DOCUMENTARY. Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, 2016

BEST DOCUMENTARY. Caribbean Tales International Film Festival, 2016


BEST DOCUMENTARY. Rencontres Cinémas Martinique, 2017

BEST DOCUMENTARY. Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale - LIFFY, 2017



Official Selection at International Documentary Film Festival, Dominican Republic - RDOC 2016

Dominican Documentary Panorama at Santo Domingo International Film Festival - Dominican Republic 2016

Official Selection at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival - Canada, 2016

Official Selection at Acampadoc - Panama, 2016

Official Selection at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival - 2016

Official Selection at ATLANTIDOC - Uruguay, 2016

Official Selection at Guadeloupe International Film Festival- 2017

Official Selection at Rencontres Cinémas Martinique - 2017

Official Selection at Panama International Film Festival - 2017


Supported by Sparring Partners Project and the the Foundation Fokal

SI BONDYE VLE, YULI (God willing, Yuli)